Honest food. Delightful memories.

At Onestà, we believe that when great food is served with care, it tastes better. The word Onestà means honest in Italian.That describes the honest ingredients sourced exclusively from local growers and the unlimited portions that allow you to refill your plate any number of times. By offering a “stay as long as you want” and an “eat as much as you want” experience, our honesty extends to the experience.

The Onestà Experience

Imagine visiting a friend’s or a relative’s place for dinner or lunch.
The ideal scenario would involve the mother smothering you with generous helpings
of delicious food till you insist you cannot take in another bite.
Think of the dining experience at Onestá as something similar – fresh gourmet food with no limits. Honest!

The Lineage

As fun as dining at Onestà is, our food is serious. With a skilled Italian chef at the helm, every dish on your table retains the charm of Europe’s favourite culinary destination. The rest of Onestà’s crew has diversified experience in several fine dining restaurants and upscale hotels across the world and India. The magic doesn’t just stop with the food. It continues. Till the moment it reaches your table. Till you step out.

Food to live for

The menu on any given day at Onestà consists of an assortment of artisan pizzas, calzones and world breads besides a delicious spread of desserts. Being a gourmet restaurant, you will find homemade cheese, cream and sauces and the finest local produce, generously tossed into every dish. You will also discover some innovative dishes that combine a variety of Indian ingredients like local fruits and vegetables with unforgettable world cuisine.